Anuradha Gupta

Post Doc at IUCAA

I am Anuradha Gupta, a post-doctoral fellow at IUCAA. I am interested in the dynamics and GW modeling of compact binaries that contain black holes and neutron stars. These compact objects can have spin angular momentum which leads to the precession of binary orbits. In my Ph.D. thesis, I developed a new family of waveforms based on the post-Newtonian accurate orbital angular momentum.

In my post-doctoral tenure at IUCAA, I am involved in a few GW data analysis and detector characterization projects. These include the development of new vetos for the high mass and spinning binary searches.

I am also involved in public outreach. I am a co-founder of a non-profit organization Science is Fun. This organization aims to provide basic educational (learning/teaching) resources and to develop interests for science among village school kids.

Links related my outreach activities: