Chaitanya Afle

Project Student at IUCAA

I am a fifth year B.S.-M.S. student at IISER Pune, doing my final year thesis project with Anuradha Gupta, Bhooshan Gadre and Sanjit Mitra at IUCAA. I am working on the Spin-Orbit Resonant binaries (SORs), which have their spins and angular momentum lying in one plance throughout their inspiral phase. SORs have important astrophysical implications as the evolution and subsequent coalescence of Super Massive Black Hole Binaries (SMBHB) in this configuration leads to low recoil velocities of merger remnants. Hence, the final BHs will be retained in their host galaxies that are hierarchically formed from the merger of smaller galaxies. Moreover, it was recently argued that the Black hole spins in comparable mass stellar mass binary BHs would preferentially lie in a resonant plane due the SORs when their GWs enter the aLIGO frequency band. Therefore, it is highly desirable to investigate the detectability of such GW systems in aLIGO era, which can in turn improve our perception of their high mass counterparts. The current detection pipelines involve only non-spinning and aligned-spin template banks for compact binary searches. I work on testing the performance of these pipelines in detecting SORs.