Vaishak Prasad

Research scholar, a Shyama Prasad Mukherjee fellow ( CSIR ) at IUCAA, working with Prof. Sukanta Bose and Dr. Anshu Gupta

My broad area of work is General Relativity and Gravitational Waves. I work in Numerical Relativity and study the evolution and properties of Black holes, and its connections with / applications to Gravitational Waves. I study the horizon geometry of black holes in static and dynamical scenarios ( like mergers). I also study perturbations of Black holes.

Related to the above topics, I also study the Chronology Protection Problem of Gravitation. I specifically study the interior regions of Black holes and Wormholes in connection with the chronology protection problem. I addressed a few issues in [1] below and my master’s thesis.

My other (related) interests include Black-hole thermodynamics, Higher dimensional gravity theories, Magneto hydrodynamics ( MHD) ,etc


1) The Chronology Protection problem in modfied Kerr-Newman space-times ( submitted)
arXiv: 1803.06666